Mavel  Turbines  for  Hydroelectric  Power

M a v e l, a.s. is a global leader in the provision of water-to-wire equipment for hydroelectric power plants utilizing turbines with installed capacity of 30 kW to 30 MW.  Founded in 1990, this Czech-American engineering and manufacturing company has over 100 proprietary designs for Kaplan, Francis, Pelton and micro turbines.
Mavel turbines are installed in 43 countries on five continents.

Latest News

Mavel, a.s. (Mavel) announced the successful commissioning of three Mavel Kaplan PIT Turbines at the Lipki Hydropower Plant ("Lipki HPP") on the Odra River, southeast of Wroclaw in Western Poland.  Mavel worked with construction company Doraco sp.zo.o to design, build, install and commission the new power plant on an existing weir.  Final commissioning was in the fourth quarter of 2017.  (more)

Project Update

Mavel, a.s. announced the successful installation, testing and commissioning of the first of three generating units at the Štvanice Hydroelectric Power Plant (Štvanice HPP) on the Vltava River in central Prague.  The output of the new double regulated Kaplan "S" turbine exceeded guaranteed values by more than 25%.   (more)