Czech Industrial Excellence

The Czech Republic is known for its tradition of engineering and industrial excellence. Mavel’s primary engineering, production and assembly facilities are located 50 kilometers southeast of Prague at the company’s recently renovated headquarters in Benesov, Czech Republic. The company’s second Czech facility in the town of Rajec-Jestrebi near Brno provides custom engineering, small-scale production and expertise in electrical controls and systems.

Mavel completed a five-year capital investment program in 2014. The investment focused on upgrading facilities to the highest quality environmental and production standards. This included the addition of a new engineering wing, the addition of new machinery, including both a 5-axis milling machine and a 6-axis machining center, extensive energy efficiency improvements and expansion of storage, administration and assembly areas.

Mavel has ISO certification for the following:

Quality: 9001:2015
Environmental: 14001:2015
Welding: 3834-2:2005
OHSAS 18001:2007


 Focus on In-house Capabilities

Mavel’s advantage is the ability to oversee almost every stage of production at its Czech Republic facilities using proprietary processes. The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing halls have over 40 machines and 85 ton combined crane capacity that allow for the production of all, or almost all, of the turbine parts and related equipment to be completed in house under the company’s strict quality control measures.

Facilities. The combined properties have production space totaling 10,300 m2 (111,000 sf) with adjacent offices of 2,600 m2 (28,000 sf).

Specific Production Processes

Milling Pressing
Metal Rollingxxxx Welding
Testing Boring
Grinding Cutting
Coating Turning
Drilling Sawing
Painting Assembly


CNC Controlled Specialty Machines. Mavel utilizes more than 12 numerically controlled machines to manufacture runners, runner blades, wicket gates and other turbine components.


Advanced Manufacturing

CNC 6-Axis-Prototype Machining Center. Mavel has the most advanced manufacturing technology for the production of turbines for the hydroelectric power industry. At the core of this competency is the company’s new 6-axis prototype machining center. The machine became fully operational in 2014 and has the following parameters:

Table Diameter: 3,700 mm (148 inches)
Table Capacity: 60 ton
Maximum Swing: 6,000 / minute
X Axis: 6,000 mm / 240 inches
Y Axis: 5,400 mm / 216 inches
Z Axis: 1,500 mm / 60 inches

CNC 5-Axis Milling Machine. Mavel added a 5-axis milling machine in 2011. This machine is the primary production center for Pelton runners, Francis runners and Kaplan runner blades.

Table Diameter: 1,700 x 1,400 mm (68 x 56 inches)
Table Capacity: 8 ton
Maximum Swing: 10,000 / minute
X Axis: 1,800 mm / 72 inches
Y Axis: 2,000 mm / 80 inches
Z Axis: 1,100 mm / 44 inches


Water-to-Wire Supply

Water-to-Wire. Mavel offers customers complete water-to-wire equipment packages from a single turbine to the full scope including engineering, inlets, trash racks, turbine, hydraulic power unit, generator, controls, electrical balance of plant and draft tubes. The final scope is according to the customer’s preference. The turbine and metal parts are produced at Mavel’s Czech facilities. Forgings, castings and other portions of the equipment package are either produced at Mavel or purchased from approved sub-suppliers and guaranteed by Mavel.

Strategic Purchasing. Mavel’s Strategic Purchasing Department sources castings, forgings, raw material and large subcomponents, such as generators, from suppliers across Europe and the Americas. All sub-contracted items are subject to rigorous quality control and must meet the same standards as components produced at Mavel.

Electrical Balance of Plant (EBOP). Mavel’s Rajec-Jestrebi facility has extensive experience in designing and building complex control and electrical systems for smaller projects in Europe. EBOP for larger global projects are sub-contracted from local suppliers according to Mavel’s standards and criteria.


Custom Engineering / Proven Results

Engineering. Engineering is at the heart of Mavel’s strength in providing customers the hydroelectric power equipment to meet or exceed their expectations. Mavel’s team of 60 civil, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical engineers are involved in every project from the initial design proposal to detailed manufacturing to final commissioning. Their work, using 3D software, is focused on designing the most efficient and robust system to optimize specific customer requirements.

Design. Mavel engineers are involved in a project from the earliest stages, providing potential customers with turbine configuration alternatives in order to comply with specific site, economic, environmental and other constraints. Mavel’s ability to provide the full range of Kaplan, Francis and Pelton turbines in over 100 proprietary designs assures the customer of an equipment recommendation to best meet the requirements of their site.

Design / Production Partnership. Mavel engineering and production departments are integrated in order to provide the production process to optimize the quality and value of the equipment package.


Global Service

Experienced Global Team. Mavel’s installation, commissioning and service team has supervised the installation, testing and commissioning of more than 500 turbines globally in the past 25 years. The site services team of engineering and technical experts also provides specialists for after sales support, including maintenance, refurbishment and repair of existing equipment.

Installation and Commissioning. Mavel oversees the installation and commissioning of its equipment at sites around the world. With multiple-language capability, Mavel’s personnel are able to assure the proper installation of its equipment with local civil and installation contractors. Further, commissioning experts are on site to trouble shoot and advise during the equipment start up and connection to the grid.

Maintenance and Repair. Mavel specialists are available on short notice to assist customers with both regular maintenance and emergency repairs.

Remote Monitoring. At the customer’s request, Mavel can set up remote monitoring of the hydroelectric power plant in order to assist in both day-to-day operating efficiency and trouble shooting. This will allow Mavel’s experts to have real time information on operating conditions and equipment performance.